This educational program aims at teaching English to people with mild cognitive impairment using English songs as a main tool for the teaching process.

The methodology is based on innovative teaching approaches and methods placing great emphasis on verbal communication, creation of a positive environment in class, reduction of stress and encouragement of learners to learn step by step in a natural and pleasant way.

It is a very effective method for the participants since it enhances their memory and knowledge, boosts their positive psychology and improves their quality of life.

The main aim of the project is to enhance people’ cognitive abilities (like memory) and prevent from Alzheimer’s disease.

This aim is divided into the following objectives:

1. Improvement of the people with mild cognitive impairment memorisation ability through the use of songs.

2. Help of the teaching process through songs. The material that would be taught in a conventional lesson becomes more interesting when it is related to a song. In this way the participants learn more easily.

3. Reduction of stress and increase of positive emotions. Many people with cognitive decline suffer from depression or stress disorder. The songs wewill choose reduce stress both through the calming music, and through the lyrics that convey positive messages and emotions.

4. Socialization of the people with mild cognitive impairment and creation of the sense that they belong in a group.

5. Improvement of the people with mild cognitive impairment quality of life, since they will socialize and obtain useful knowledge, as well as their stress will be reduced.

6. Prevention from Alzheimer’s disease.

7. Familiarisation with English Language through phrases that are related to communication and verbal expression.

8. Exposure to British and American culture.

9. Increase of people with mild cognitive impairment knowledge regarding vocabulary, grammar, syntax and other aspects of English language through a pleasant learning process.

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