english lessons with the use of songs

Songs for care

Enhance people cognitive abilities and prevent from Alzheimer’s disease.

Language Teaching

Communicative Language Teaching is a contemporary way of teaching languages. Its main aim is to help students advance their communicative abilities.

The consortium

The project partners come from Mediterranean countries, with similar temperament and culture. The first language in these countries is not English, and for that reason English will be used as a tool for the participants’ memory and attention improvement.


The learners participate in interactive activities, such as role playing in order to use the useful expressions in real like situations and learn how to struggle to communicate and pass their message to their interlocutors

Help of the teaching process through songs

learning by singing

Reduction of stress and increase of positive emotions. Many people with cognitive decline suffer from depression or stress disorder. The songs wewill choose reduce stress boththrough the calming music, and through the lyrics that convey positive messages and emotions.

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