The E.L.So.M.C.I project consortium launches its new free online course aimed at professionals working the elderly, people with disabilities, cognitive deficits, MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment) or mild dementia.

The Erasmus+ E.L.So.M.C.I. project results are specifically aimed at  stimulating cognitive functions through English language lessons, namely an innovative approach based on the use of songs as the main tool to promote memorisation and learning. Scientific studies have shown that learning a foreign language can be a good way to stimulate people with MCI’s cognitive functions in order to prevent or delay a possible cognitive decline process.

The Methodological Guide based on the approach developed by the Greek linguist Alexandra Christakidou can be downloaded online (link: The document contains a precise description of the workshops and materials required for their implementation.

In September 2021, partners successfully completed the “training for trainers” activities, through which, participants could achieve the necessary skills to implement the workshops in their own national contexts. Afterwards, classes were tested in Italy, Greece, Spain, Croatia and Slovenia, these experimentations allowed us to make the required adaptations to the adopted materials, in order to make them more suitable for the characteristics of each target group.

On the occasion of the 4th Transnational Project Meeting, held in Carpi in July 2022, partners shared the results of the piloting, bringing various testimonies and feedback on the positive effects achieved not only in terms of stimulation of cognitive functions but also in terms of improving the mood and socialisation of the participants involved, arousing great interest and participation among them.

The E.L.So.M.C.I project consortium is now pleased to announce the launch of the piloting of the online course, which provides professionals with the materials, skills and tools needed to replicate and implement the workshops of English lessons with the use of the songs, in their contexts of organizations. The free online course targets professionals working with people with disabilities, elderly people, people with cognitive deficits, and people with MCI or mild dementia.

The course is an excellent free training opportunity for professionals across Europe to strengthen and improve their skills. It is freely enrolled by accessing the e-learning platform via the following link:

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