The E.L.So.M.C.I. project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme, is approaching its conclusion. 


On 12 July 2022, the E.L.So.M.C.I. partnership met in Carpi (Italy) for the 4th transnational project meeting, during which partners shared the results of the piloting of the workshop English Learning with the use of the Songs (E.L.So) targeted at people with MCI, which was conducted in Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Spain and Croatia. On this occasion, the achieved results were taken stock of and the next project activities were discussed and organised.


From October 2021 to May 2022, the piloting of the workshop was implemented in all European countries that are part of the project partnership (Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Spain and Croatia).

The main objectives of the workshop are to stimulate people with MCI’s cognitive functions in order to prevent or delay the possible process of cognitive impairment, to promote psychological well-being and socialisation, improve their mood, as well as to familiarise them with the English language and to expose them to British and American culture. The workshop pilot was conducted to test the effectiveness and the quality of this innovative cognitive function stimulation methodology. A total of 66 participants with MCI aged between 48-86 years were involved. Most of the participants had basic English knowledge. In Italy, Croatia and Spain, the workshops were conducted in person, while in Greece and Slovenia they were conducted online, due to covid-19 restrictions. The workshops had a positive effect both in presence and online. Participants found the workshops interesting and motivating, and particularly appreciated the use of songs and interactive activities. An improvement in participants’ mood and sociability was also observed. The official report of the transnational workshop pilots will be published in the coming months.


On July 2022 the piloting of the online course was launched. It targets professionals dealing with people with MCI, people with cognitive disorders or elderly people. 

The course provides users with all the materials, skills and theoretical knowledge needed to replicate E.L.So.M.C.I. workshops in their contexts of organisations. 

You can access the e-learning platform by registering at the following link:

Newsletter 3 – September 2022

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