On the 6th and 7th of September 2021, the 2nd E.L.So.M.C.I project partner meeting and the training for trainers took place. Unfortunately due to the uncertainty sitation caused by the Corona virus emergency it wasn’t possible to organize a physical meeting so E.L.So.M.C.I consortium jointed on line.
The first day was dedicated to the Training for Trainers session. After an overview on the learning teaching training activity made by the coordinator, the greek partner, responsible for the workshops implementation, started the training. All participants acquired information on the theoretical background of the methodology, the procedure to implement workshops and suggestions on how to carry out
workshops in their own organizations. At the end of the day 16 people have been trained and are now ready to start the workshops addressed to people with mild cognitive impairment.

The second day meeting started with an overview of the project, made by the coordinator, including achieved results, expected outcomes and upcoming tasks. Then the consortium focused on development of
workshops’ methodology and videos to be used to teach english songs. After that partners agreed on the upcoming tasks about the development of the e-learning course.
The meeting ended with an update on dissemination activities, a discussion about administrative and financial management, project evaluation and the upcoming tasks and deadlines.